Almazara El Tendre (Olive Grove in Elche)

Almazara El Tendre (Olive Grove in Elche) featured Image

The oil press company “El Tendre” dates back to 1839, when Don Joaquin Sempere Garcia founded the olive oil mill on 20th April 1939. Since it´s foundation, the company has maintained it´s traditional and familiar structure and working methods. This ongoing work has made this mill one of the oldest mills in Spain.

Six generations of the Sempere family have been taking care of this “gold liquid” thereby offering the world the opportunity of improving their quality of life.

Do you want to know how the Extra virgin olive oil is made since ancient times?

Visit El Tiendre Oil museum, where you can enjoy a walk through history, discovering the instruments that were used for the extraction of this liquid gold.

History, art and culture come together in the oil museum, which has the permanent exhibition of the local artist Antonia Soler.

The museum shows a historical part of past times of the city and also offers the exhibition of utensils for the pressing of olives and producing olive oil. From the origin in 1839 until 1990 the mill worked with presses and the packaging was by hand. You can also find out how the oil was made in antiquity, as well as objects related to the founder of the mill Joaquín Sempere and all his descendants to the present day.

An oil mill with 179 years of history, tradition, evolution and innovation. Awaits you

Some of the countries El Tendre exports to are:

  • Canada: 5,000 litre´s per year since 2008
  • United States of America: 30,000 litres per year since 2008
  • France: 50,000 litres per year since 2005
  • Germany: 10,000 litre´s per year since 2007
  • Austria: 10,000 litre´s per year since 2007
  • And Now also to Taiwan!

Almazara El Tendre

Partida de Alzabares Alto, 233, 03290 Elche

Tel: 965 45 23 39

628 52 52 55 (English, French, Arabic, German)