Company Profile: Malvina Gift Shop

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Nestled in the rural town of La Romana you will find Malvina Giftshop. Established by Caroline Clarke years ago, this quaint shop has something for everyone. This gem of a shop is an Aladdin’s cave that you just wont want to leave. There is even a bar near by to park the husband whilst you browse uninterrupted.
Greetings cards – wide range of birthday and seasonal cards for all occasions

Children’s section – toys and gifts for the little ones. Great ideas for sending back to the grand kids!!!

Stationary and book section – from pens to paper and from Jeffery Archer to Enid Blyton, this shop has something for everyone

Gifts – as a gift shop you can obviously buy all of your gifts from Malvina Giftshop. The choice is endless and includes: jewellery, CD and DVDs, concrete ornaments, men’s and ladies clothing. If you are spoilt for choice, why not get a gift voucher and let them choose their own present

Internet access and phone top up – it even has your basics covered. Whether you want to top up your phone credit, or use their fast internet. You can even print off your boarding passes. There is also a photocopying and laminating service available Mailboxes – is the postman struggling to find you? Why not rent a mailbox and never lose important post again

Passport application – Caroline can even help with checking and sending your passport application.
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